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Waiting on a train that I know won’t come.

When the California primary came around, I had this idea: I would vote for Barack Obama– who would lose the nomination– and then I would vote for Hillary Clinton in the general. This way, I though, I would have the pleasure of voting for them both. That seems to have been an error.

Hillary ran a fantastic campaign. Not a perfect one. But a fantastic one that– had she run against anyone else– would have resulted in victory. Her mistakes were worth learning from, but– for now– not dwelling on. The problem for her, it seems, is that Hillary fell victim to Zeno’s Achilles and the tortoise paradox. She could see herself making up ground, but never quite making up _enough_ ground, never _quite_ pulling ahead. It could never be enough ground– the math was working against her from February. Then the finish line came…
click here for a nifty chart.

Hillary gave it her best shot. I would guess that she is unused to trying as hard as she can and still losing. The qualities that would have made her such a fantastic president are combining to make her into a liability for the party. She’s a smart woman– I’m sure she will recognize it soon. As a party, we owe her the space to come to terms with her loss. Our country is stronger for her having run.