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New Releases

There were a few interesting new releases this week. After all of the Metal Gear Solid 4 hullaballoo, and the relatively unexciting Ninja Gaiden II release, it is interesting to see some lower-profile games being released:

Guitar Hero: On Tour: I have..really no desire to play Guitar Hero on my DS, and the controls have been described as clunky on most of the review sites I have read. It is an interesting idea, nonetheless, but not one I’m really itching to try out.

Rock Band on Wii: It makes so much more sense, doesn’t it? Put the strange peripherals all on one system. Honestly, I would have liked the white drum set, but alas.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: I had high hopes for this game, as I liked Final Fantasy Tactics Advance quite a bit, but it seems to be fairly mediocre. I was going to buy it, but I suppose not.

Overlord: Raising Hell: The game no one talks about. The price is really crap ($59.99) considering you can buy a new copy of the original game for $19.99, though the new version is on the far superior PS3, with a little bit of extra content. (Can you tell my Xbox360 has been in the shop too MANY FREAKING TIMES? Yeah, we don’t get along anymore)

I liked Overlord, not really for the humor (it wasn’t terribly funny), but more because it was actually fun, and it didn’t follow the stupid first person shooter bandwagon that it seems every game on a next-gen system is following. I also tend to like strategy games, but I get bored and frustrated with full-blown RTSs, so Overlord filled that tiny niche and I still want to play it, even though my 360 is still malfunctioning. Even though it is a lot like Pikmin, it is more fun because of the lack of time limit. I really believe that time limits only serve to make me want to stop playing the shiny new game I just bought.

Side Note: Look at this review: review, he referenced a game called “Boulder’s Gate”. Oh come on, it’s BALDUR, the SON OF ODIN, get it right!

Speaking of Odin, I have been playing Odin’s Sphere, which is pretty old by now. I forgot just how incredibly difficult it is, and also how incredibly gorgeous it is, especially for a PS2 game (and especially on an HDTV!)


Why disemvoweling was invented

McCain’s campaign is encouraging trolls. They’re literally giving trolls “points” for leaving pro-McCain talking points in the comments section of various blogs. Their view of the blogworld is fairly skewed, they list Glen Reynolds (Instapundit) as neither right, nor left, nor moderate, but “other” (he’s a fairly doctrinaire conservative).

This isn’t the worst idea in the world– many large companies employ trolls to get their own word out. Its just so transparent and icky that I can’t think it will do much good. Yes, this blog is a bit annoyed not to be included on the hit list.