Because the balance of Power’s maintained that way…

This rather good article in the Politico about Pelosi gives me a good excuse to mention a few thoughts about what the Rahm Emmanuel pick means for the Obama Whitehouse

Until a few months ago, there were basically 2 centers of power within the Democratic Party. Howard Dean’s office and Pelosi’s Office. Reid, near as I can tell, was a non-player. Rahm Emmanuel was Pelosi’s Chief rival. Near as I can tell, he was trying to take credit for the 2006 election since roughly 5 minutes before any results came in.

Now: Obama wins the Whitehouse. Suddenly there are 3 people who can claim to be the power in the Democratic party. This is going to be trouble for everyone. Dean announces that he is going to step down– as he had always intended to do. And Obama takes Pelosi’s biggest rival and makes him Whitehouse Chief of Staff. This removes a sore spot in Pelosi’s leadership team, and puts a major power player on the Obama Staff.

What does this tell us about an Obama administration? He’s a shrewd, shrewd man who will do what it takes to get his agenda passed…


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  1. Gives me hope that we’re not in for a Clinton redux.

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