The ugliness of Prop 8

So to recap:
52% of Californians voted to destroy thousands of California marriages. Many of the friends and family members of those married couples are angry enough to stop doing business with the people they know voted to destroy marriage.

The San Francisco Chronicle doesn’t understand why this boycott exists, calling it “intimidation”. Naturally.

Let me explain it in words small enough that even a newspaper columnist can understand:
If someone came into my home attacked my ability to be a good parent, and then burned my house down, I’d probably boycott them also.

Perhaps Proposition 8 supporters feel that the simultaneous destruction of thousands of marriages is less devastating than a wildfire would have been. Maybe if they lose enough business to feel some small percent of the pain they’ve caused, they’ll begin to understand.

But probably not.


One Response to “The ugliness of Prop 8”

  1. Please understand that I am saying this as a fellow opponent of Prop 8.

    In what way is denying government recognition of somebody’s marriage comparable to burning their house down?!

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