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Sunday Morning Reading Material (Third Sunday in September)

Equal time for equal cute! This is Random. Sunday mornings are for lounging around with friends, playing games, and recovering from a very long week. Alternately, Sunday mornings are for legal readings, and preparing to unleash righteous fury on the Supreme Court. Or maybe running. Or sleeping it off. This week, we saw some poll numbers go very badly against Democrats. Also: the Pope Visited Scotland- I’m told (by a friend over there) that some legitimate anti-Benedict complaints were used to gloss over a very ugly anti-Catholic sentiment. Did you know that DC held some elections last week?! For the way

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my RSS reader treated it, this was the biggest news ever. Also: the 49ers lost their home opener. Life is sad. Speaking of pain: seems that people of my religion are Still being discriminated against in parts of Europe. Rad. (Surprise! I’m pagan!) How big is that jest? Infinite? I’m sure Gayle will love it, then. Go read! Recursive Please don’t sock it to her Apparently Sundays are for Sad Stories about how the classism can suck. Oh what? You think false confessions happen to rich white folks? Classism in one graph. To cheer me up a bit: Welcome to the world, baby Twix! Wear a silly hat! And now we’re back to classism. Had the rich not eaten the economy, you would be richer. Roughly 23% richer. Lets take a moment to reflect on the fate of the housing bubble had people had 23% more income to pay off their mortgages with. Mortgages they’d gotten by borrowing from rich people. The rich people who got that way– in part– by stealing 23% of your income. Just because Funranium Labs is willing to barter does not mean that we’re sliding inevitably into a medieval economy. It means that Funranium is awesome. Just a bit about the economics of food trucks. Those guys? Ain’t gettin’ rich. An interesting Econ 101 take on on game’s collector’s editions . I look at it a bit differently: for $60, I can get all of Civ 5, or for $50, I can get most of Civ 5. Who won the terror war? San Francisco could have looked very different. Speaking of things we San Franciscans do: Ranked Choice Voting. IRV in MMD, find out what it means to me. And yes, this sort of fundamental reform would make the whole US work a lot better. The biggest Trekkie in the world. One of many things my hero has done better than I.. If you were stranded on Hoth, what animal should you cut up and hide in?