Sunday Morning Reading Material (Fourth Sunday in September)

Jefferson in da House (of Representatives)

Sunday mornings are for recovering.
Well, what else would they be for?

This week we discovered that a huge, giant, no good computer worm may be aimed at Iran’s nuclear program– which may be ok? Facebook’s CEO gave a hundred million dollars to an ailing school district in exchange for telling the state how they should run said school district. Also: the GOP unveiled their plan for America– they want to make all our problems worse. This will probably get them a few votes.

Personally: Monday I was laid off from my job. Tuesday I was offered a new, better job, and I spent Wednesday though Saturday on Vacation.

My rule of thumb: if a book has survived over 500 years, there’s probably a good reason. Dan Drezner makes the case for Thucydides. It’s really quite awesome.

The 9th Circuit held that corporations can be covered by state secret statues. These are the same statutes that presidents have been abusing for years…

Good news bad news: Nothing from Gayle this week (bad). She’s trying to sort out another legal mess (good).

Jess Barrow tells us about life in Bangladesh during Eid.

Conservative Christians don’t like new pornography. Presumably, being conservative, they prefer the older stuff.

I think after 33 uninterrupted hours of kissing, you’re married. How did they not need to sleep, pee or eat?!

I need to buy Brad DeLong a beer

Remember last week when we talked about how America’s wealth had been stolen by the rich? Here’s a portrait of a victim

Wicca? A silly religion. But don’t call it Satanic!

We each have a choice about who we wish to be, when confronted with evidence that we’re wrong. The gods know that being wrong is one of my least-favorite things. So let me say this: this week I learned that I was simply dead wrong about the UK’s relationship with the EU. 100% not right. Wow does that suck.

Roller derby? Proof that our species is awesome

The Bay Area by ethnicity

Leigh Alexander Meditates on being a very pretty woman working in a male-dominated profession. I can’t even do it justice. Just go read.

I’m not sure that this is right. But then, I’m the exact person who wouldn’t know if this is right…

Troy Goodfellow can’t wait for Civ 5 to be a great game

Just one more link


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