Sunday Morning Reading Material (First Sunday in October)

Sunday mornings are for cleaning a long-neglected house, and enjoying a day of having no obligations. Sunday afternoons are for wondering if the Giants will win.

This week: Jim DeMint held the US Senate hostage. The Senate also moved to block the President’s ability to do Recess Appointments- without making such appointments unnecessary. The Commonwealth games began in New Delhi, making the Queen smile.

Fun fact: the Queen of England and the Queen of Canada have different flags- even though both titles are held by the same individual.

Also this week: I started a new job.

Coincidentally to that: The First World War ended. Granted, the US had a separate peace with Germany, and our war ended in 1921.

Rock Paper Shotgun is doing a weekly board gaming series. here’s one part here’s another.

Jumpman Jumps. Gamespy does a monstrously good job of talking about jumping in video games.

How about some music? A Female Geek Anthem

I say interestingly or, some variant, too. And for the same “fuck you and stereotyping behavior” reasons.

Get into a relationship? Lose two friends.

A friend of mine is going after these guys. Good luck sir!

How badly does the media suck? They’ll routinely talk about money in non-inflation adjusted terms

Speaking of Economics: what does the movie Machete tell us about society?

There are people rooting for the end of the world who consider themselves the good guys.

San Francisco is a very rich city. There are some very, very poor people living here.

We’re changing the boundaries of our schools

McDonalds is smart enough to bus Chinese-Americans into SF to fight against a proposal they don’t like. They’re not smart enough to realize that there are more than one dialect of Chinese.

I love Indian food. This handy link will tell you how to get the best value for your money.

Guess how many calories a medieval peasant burned in a day?


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