Sunday Morning Reading Material: Fourth Sunday in January 2011

Best shot ever.

It’s Sunday morning. Sundays are for talking with a friend until 4:30am, and then scrambling to write a post because you don’t expect to be up until after noon. Alternately Sundays are for cleaning your house because a new baby is on the way.

This week the US President gave a speech. Also: the Egyptian president gave a speech. The opposition response to the Egyptian president’s speech was much more forceful than that given by the the American President’s opposition.

I am in love with my Kindle. I’ve got over 800 hardcopy books, and am running out of space in my house. My Kindle has over 100 books, and shows no signs of getting full. The idea that Ebook readers are not only transforming the way I live, but could also help share the developed world’s store of human capital with the less-developed world is sort of amazing. here’s a story about how that’s happening.

Egypt was big news in the later half of this week. You should become an instant expert and impress your friends and family members. Here’s What’s Happening.

This advice is pitched to the Egyptians, but it’s actually good for everyone trying to overthrow an autocratic regime. Read the article to learn which pun ended up in this paragraph.

One of the major reasons that Egypt is in revolt is that it’s a very poor nation where the wealth is concentrated in very few hands. Income inequality is worse in Egypt than in the US. I’ve said more than once that America is a very rich third world nation. Stuff like this is why I continue to say it.

You want more pie? You WANT MORE PIE?! more equality would help the US economy grow faster.

An American citizen may be harassed for trying to visit a friend in prison. It’s disgusting that anyone would issue such an order. It’s terrible that anyone would follow such an order. Presumption of innocence seems to have gone out the window.

American lawmakers seem to think they’ve solved every other quality of life problem. I find it astounding that anyone would try to combat a .04% rise in pedestrian mortality, but ignore the approximately 46,000 fatal traffic accidents every year. Hint: if the speed limit were lowered back to 55mph, we’d live longer.

Is Virginia becoming less Southern? Maybe it’s the case that the whole country is becoming more homogenized. Or maybe Southern identity is becoming less associated with Dixie.

So many questions in the preceding text block. Here is a tool for helping us choose.

Once we’ve chosen, this tool will help us prove it.

Guess who favored the individual mandate? John “The Man” Adams.

And you know who favored government assistance to needy people? Ayn Rand. Yes, that Ayn Rand. At least: when she was the needy person.

Spider Dan was convicted in connection with his stunt of climbing a building in San Francisco. I say “in connection with”, because the charges are bullshit.

Rob Zachny mediates on information display.

I have been obsessed with Magicka. No, I won’t tell you what the game is, or what it is about. But! The boys at Rock Paper Shotgun will tell you about the mistakes you will make while playing the game. If I were to tell you what the game is about, I’d say it’s about making mistakes. But I’m not going to tell you that.

my life philosophy in one jpeg.

Everything humans do is literally history. Some of the things humans do can’t be talked about, for reasons of national security. That’s fine to an extent, but… what happens when those people die off and that history ends up down the memory hole? Funranium talks about the national security state, and secret history.

Alright kids, Its way past my bedtime. So enjoy your links, and I’ll see you later.


5 Responses to “Sunday Morning Reading Material: Fourth Sunday in January 2011”

  1. Questionable Content is amazing. I had no idea that you were a reader.

  2. The Nook is also quite handy– except when the battery dies while you’re in the middle of something compelling.

  3. @ritalinGamer: Love QC. Own volume 1, and have been going through the archives again :)

    @Ted: Yeah, keeping ebook readers powered is the big struggle. My kindle can last for weeks between charges though– I just keep 3G off…

  4. QC is part of my morning routine. It’s also one of the few internet-things that my girlfriend and I share. She never really *got* Achewood or any of my other webcomic reads.

  5. It’s interesting to me that QC isn’t really nerdy, per se. But JJ is such an unquestioned, unrepentant nerd that it shines through and infects everything he does. It’s really cool :)

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