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Sunday Morning Reading Material: Third Sunday in February 2011

The Simpsons writers are union. And they stand in Solidarity with the workers of Wisconsin.

It’s Sunday morning. Sunday mornings are for snuggling your cats while they steal your warmth. Then again, Sunday morning could be for going “OhmyGod My Sweetie is out of the Army and living with me!!!” Alternately, Sunday mornings are for sleeping late and reading in bed. Which neatly wraps around to the point of this post.

This week. Oh gods. This week was like last week but more. Even Saudi Arabia– Even China is exploding. Also this week: the revolution came home to Wisconsin. Turns out there actually is a limit to what the American worker will put up with. More on that later.

The Slactivist would never, in any way, stoop to cheap devices of repetition to make a post more interesting. It’s the sort of terrible writing that only a true hack would stoop to. A sample? “Reading The Fountainhead does not enrich or improve. It stupefies. Time spent reading this book would be better spent watching television.” It gets better. Much better.

It wouldn’t really be Sunday Morning without a post by Slactivist and Rob Zachny, would it? We’ve got one, and now the other. Rob tells us how to do a good job at writing gay characters. At least, one option, anyway.

I got a job last week. It’s not a great job, but it pays actual money. I really need that job, because I’m not qualified for this one anyway.

The rich, of course– stop groaning!– the rich are different from you and me. They have money.

Anyway, Chevron has a bit less money than it used to, because they are filthy polluters who fill the Earth with garbage. Yes, it’s useful garbage, and yes that cost will be passed along to consumers. Nonetheless: the true cost of a product includes cleaning up after it’s use. There’s no reason that shouldn’t be reflected in that products price to consumers. If we can’t get cap and trade through legislation, we might get it through litigation.

Speaking of Rich people: there isn’t any way that Republicans will miss a chance to help them. When I was doing constituent service, I spent a few idle minutes wondering what conversations with Republican constituents sounded like. Because they couldn’t be getting the same calls from frantic parents desperate to keep working in the face of state budget cuts that I was getting.

The inevitable march of time means that “now” is also “later”. Specifically, it’s the “later” referred to “earlier”. “Now” is also “Earlier”, but don’t let that confuse you– it’s a different earlier than the previous one. Anyway. I’m going to break a rule (that I arbitrarily made) and link to a post I put up yesterday about Wisconsin and labor rights. It might take a bit of time to get through the main article and the links, but it’s about 90% of my thinking on the subject.

The human psyche is an interesting and poorly understood thing. That word “psyche” obscures more than it clarifies, actually. It means “soul” in Greek. Psychiatrists? Soul doctors. Makes the whole thing sound more like witchcraft, right? Anyway. Trying to capture the soul and turning it into algorithms that can scare the crap out of you is a huge undertaking. Most games fail. Some succeed. Brandon Cackowski-Schnell, at the newly launched “No High Score” meditates on this mechanic.

The beginning of wisdom is the first time you say “I do not [in any way] understand

Anyone who says that Social Security is difficult to understand is either misinformed or lying. A modest tax increase would help keep it solvent under any weight it might be asked to bear.

The attack on Social Security is a tactical choice employed by the Republican Party to attack the entire New Deal. They really will use any way that comes to hand. I think one of the reasons I like games is that they let me think in similar ways as I do in politics: What does this look like from China? Glad you asked. I really should have posted this earlier in the week, but I’ll link to it now anyway.

If you think you’ve reached your quota of stories about Afghan Fried Chicken, you’re wrong. There isn’t any way that you’re right. So read this one and enjoy.

Does the phrase “data visualization tool” speak to the secret hot nerdy side of you that’s usually kept locked up? Yeah, me too. There are so many ways this tool set can be used. I can’t wait to dig in.

For instance, in the future you can find the kinkiest parts of your own neighborhood, instead of relying on a magazine to do the work for you. Doing so will keep you from having to send any away teams out into the field. Yeah,that was a stretch, I admit.

I was going to squeeze one more article in here anyway. Bill Harris has been writing about the games industry for a long time. He’s seen the rise of the AAA title, and looking at current trends and competitive pressures, he sees a rosy future– for gamers. AAA games, he says, are doomed.

This week’s theme was “anyway”. So leave a comment about your favorite method restoring a train of thought.

If Portal 2 is the last-ever AAA title, we’re in for a treat. No two ways about it!