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Sunday Morning Reading Material First Sunday in 2012- Celebrate Good Times Edition

It’s Sunday Morning. Sundays are for resolving to do things different, better- we have the technology. Sundays are for recovering from hiking- or possibly some other end-of-year activities. Sundays are for reuniting with old friends. Sundays are for celebrating the anniversary of the birth of one’s father- a tiny bit early.

This week: the interim Egyptian government got caught at, and subsequently agreed to stop- interfering with pro-democracy groups. This week, Verizon got caught at- and subsequently agreed to drop- plans to add a $2 fee for online bill pay. This week China unveiled it’s intention to land a human being on the surface of the Moon. This week the Old Year ended, and the New Year began.

2011 saw the rebirth- in America- of the massive protest that disrupts business. Citizens in Wisconsin used it effectively to end plans by their Governor to destroy labor. Citizens in Oakland, New York, and other cities used it with less tangible results. Nevertheless, it is good to see that Americans are once again learning that they have power that goes beyond choice of cellphone plan.

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but it sure does buy enough food to eat.

The Cold War had a downside. Well. The Cold War had many downsides, but this one doesn’t involve the potential destruction of the human species. The downside of the Cold War is that Americans tend to not know about or recognize Soviet geniuses. It shouldn’t matter that he was on the wrong side of a border, this man advanced humanity. We should know his name.

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but it sure does buy the electricity that heats my home.

We tend to think of the word “meme” as relating to cute pictures of cats on the internet. A meme is an idea, a unit of culture. It is the cultural analog to a biological gene. The 7 day week? That’s a meme. Cheating at online games? Meme. Wearing skinny ties? Perhaps the best meme of all.

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but it is definitely nice to be able to call my friends and loved ones.

I don’t believe a word of this. If Japan were truly covering up decades of economic growth in order to foster good-will from the rest of the world, it would be a monumentally huge conspiracy. Granted, for both cultural and structural reasons, I think the Japanese government would have an easier time engaging in that coverup than anyone else in the world. But they’re still human over there. At least one person would get drunk and start bragging. Ok. So the LDP didn’t go out of power the way you would expect the ruling party of a nation with a shitty economy to do. Even so.

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but my anti-depressants make life much easier.

The Cambodian genocide was horrific. Humans are so good at following incentives that we will start cutting off one another’s hands if the conditions are correct.

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but the good toilet paper kind of rocks.

The mass protest really is a good thing. We Americans needed to begin engaging with it once more. Stop doing it stupidly, though.

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but being able to buy a new vacuum cleaner because it’s on sale? Very nice.

America gets race wrong. Very wrong. We get it so wrong that we summon it into existence, and then believe in it. Worse than that, we utterly misunderstand racism. We understand it as a product of evil people, of Hitler. Instead, we must conceptualize racism as the domain of Eichmann. Basically good people who are following evil incentives without questioning where they’re going.

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but I do love being able to afford drinking water!

This ought to cheer you up.

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but with it, the cats and I aren’t eyeing the same food.

I am very sad to see that Love FAQ will be ending. Someone with compassion and a wicked sense of humor was needed to teach geeks about relationships, and Laura Crigger was a deft hand at both. But then, this final column can basically function as the UR text for all future relationship advice columns of all types. Once she’s done that, what else is there?

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but these cookies are delicious.

I do love how human Newt Gingrich is in these tweets. His sense of delight shines clearly. I think he’d be one of my favorite professors, were I to take a class by him. Sadly, he’s running for President. And he’s crazy.

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but dinner and a movie is a great date.

This article lamenting the rise of the hashtag would be great- were it transported back to 2009 when the hashtag were in it’s golden era. Perhaps I’m just a bit bitter- I do tend to #overuse #metadata and #hashtags.

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but it’s hard to read a free newspaper in the dark.

The entire concept of sports metaphors used in a business setting is a tiny bit ridiculous. Geek metaphors, though. Those are full of win. Who doesn’t need a good team to grab aggro while they lay down the DPS and bring the team to victory?

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but they’re wrong.

This week’s theme has been last year’s wrap up. I hope you’ll keep tuning in and together we can chart the world’s progress. In the comments section, tell me something that money bought which made you happy.