Sunday Morning Reading Material Third Sunday in January 2012- Football! Edition

It’s Sunday Morning. Sundays are for Sleeping in, having Dim Sum, and going to work. Sundays are for doing household chores. Sundays are for Brunch. Sundays are for taking a day of rest. Sundays are for learning your coffee shop actually sells bikinis.

This week an Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated- the US insists it knows nothing. This week Google rolled out it’s new search algorithm, one which integrates social information along with its link marketplace. And this week Mitt Romney took one more step towards becoming the Republican Nominee for US president.

I really do love the word “theodicy”. It refers to the sorts of moral problems that arise from taking seriously the idea of an omni powerful, omni seeing, omni benevolent entity. The problem is that bad things happen. How and why would an entity such as described above let that happen? And what would that entity’s moral responsibility be towards the rest of us?

Speaking of cruelty: Kids. Each person has something which makes them stand out from the crowd. Nearly everyone has had the experience of being teased for something beyond their control. This would seemingly be fertile ground for empathy, and yet… and yet it doesn’t seem to. The abuse we received conditions most of us to accept it as normal, and to therefore dish it out when it becomes our turn. One of the central struggles of my own blog is to see past the surface differences and to note the intrinsic similarities of humans across time.

Campaigning for president in New Hampshire is nothing like being President of the United States. The job of the US president is bigger, less personal, less concerned with the minutia of daily life, and more concerned with creating the conditions for more than 300 million people to lead happy, healthy lives. Why, then, should anyone take the New Hampshire primary seriously?

Here’s a deal I’m almost willing to cut: in exchange for passing SOPA, IP protections revert to the historic seven year length. And software, biology, and other natural laws will be declared ineligible for IP protections. Sounds fair to me.

Jesus Christ people. Just go fucking vote for the Democrat in November.

Star Wars is the crude oil of my childhood dreams. George Lucas seems to have tapped on the shoulder of the part of me that will forever be an 11 year old and said “Lasers? Swords? Why choose?” Unfortunately, Lucas doesn’t seem to have been able to do anything else very well. The news that he hired a vocal critic to write his next movie is a good omen. I’m really looking forward to this one.

Related to the last post: creators need to know the limits of their medium. Gaming is the ultimate in “show don’t say”- except that a good game designer doesn’t show, they make a person feel. Ken Levine went on to tell one of the greatest stories in gaming. It seems he learned his lessons very well indeed.

We knew this already, right? We knew that Wall Street deliberately picked the worst possible mortgages to put into the CDOs. I guess since Wall Street doesn’t know why they’re being attacked, we should tell them again.

I am honestly not sure what function Wall Street serves, other than being a casino with a high buy in.

The headline does most of the work here. It also does a great job at removing the one claim that Yoo and others might have had to being public servants. If they honestly held that the Executive Branch must naturally have the power to do anything the Executive deems necessary for the health and safety of the Citizens of the United States, then they would naturally hold with Obama’s recess appointments as well. Since they do not, they reveal themselves as partisan hacks.

This week, the theme has been: Games of power and games of narrative. In the comments section, tell me why you think my kitty is adorable.


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  1. Thanks for the link to the review of “Fixing the Game,” which I will definitely be reading. It is terribly, terribly sad that somebody has to write an entire BOOK pointing out that companies should be run to make and sell a product, not to enable stockholders to “win” at the game of Wall Street. Is gambling one of the fundamental human drives? Shareholder behavior is prompting me to vote “yes.”

    Love the video of the cheerleaders performing “Girlfriend.” Almost as funny as my kids dancing to it on WiiDance2!

    Your cat is the most awesome thing ever. I can say that with confidence, never having met him or her, because all cats are the most awesome thing ever.

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