Sunday Morning Reading Material Fourth Sunday in January 2012- Puns of my Father Edition

This is why LBJ is in heaven.

It’s Sunday Morning. Sundays are for watching football. Sundays are for sleeping in. Sundays are for romance, kitties, and being covered in snow. Sundays are not for romancing kitties– that would just be weird.

This week: the US Federal government was threatening to break the internet- so nerds turned the internet off and on again. The problem seems to have gone away. This week, time scientists declined to skip so much as a single second- for the next three year. Good news: February 29th 2012 is still scheduled to happen. This week: mother nature gave in and allowed it to begin raining in San Francisco, ending a several months long dry spell for the City. This week: I lost all of my links, and had to find new ones.

One thing I don’t understand: if the evidence of guilt is truly overwhelming, then a scrupulously fair trial process- in which a defendant is given every possible power and advice- will return a guilty verdict. If that evidence is not overwhelming, then why is it possible to execute someone? The fact that a single supreme court judge- let alone 7 of them- could think it permissible that a defendant would not know that their council had bailed on them boggles the mind. I wonder if corporate people would be given the same raw treatment under the same circumstances?

It does seem legitimately true that the world has grown more peaceful since the advent of mass communication. Though the cause and effect is far from known.

As the world has gone digital, information scarcity goes away. No longer can business models that rely on this scarcity be profitable. Some industries have whined against the future, and tried to legislate the creation of artificial scarcities. The trick in the future will be understanding where the new scarcities are, and charging for those, instead.

As I watch the games today, I’ll remind myself that 80% of NFL players go bankrupt within 5 years of leaving the league. Comparing the life of the most successful pro-athlete to the life of the average athlete is a common mistake. Sadly, it’s about as appropriate as comparing the life of a Hollywood star with that of a community college stage director.

The basic distinction between Left and Right is that to the Right, “Caveat Emptor” is the highest freedom. To the Left, freedom is only begun once Caveat Emptor is abolished. By placing the burden of regulation on producers, rather than the burden of injury or death on consumers, government is able to create a fairer, healthier society. My friends on the Right hate the idea of innocent employers being tasked with insuring that their customers aren’t idiots.

“Right to Work” is an Orwellian phrase, which means that your boss can fire you for any reason or none. Without a “Right to Work”, employees would be able to create, join, and fund unions. Unions, as long-time readers know, are ancient corporations which allow employees to bargain as a single unit against management. Management, of course, never loses the right to collective bargaining.

This week the US government came very close to allowing for the shut-down of any website on the mere suspicion that it might be using material that it didn’t own. Years ago, Spider Robinson wrote a short story about how hellish that might be.

I have some thoughts on SOPA.

I had a whole hell of a lot of links about my hero, Martin Luther King Jr, saved for your edification. Then I lost them. So instead, I’ll point you at Slactivist’s coverage. The Slactivist is masterful as always.

If you click just one link:

If “Christianity” means anything, it means understanding that god lives in the pains of the afflicted. Salvation- according to this theology- can only be achieved by alleviating those pains.

This week, the theme was power, etc and so forth. But then, when isn’t it? Let’s end on a high note: those kids today don’t know how bad their games are:


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  1. Great LBJ video. Not to say that racism is still not an American Problem and will continue to be until the cycle of poverty is broken but we need a speech as powerful as that one identifying poverty as the American Problem.

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