Sunday Morning Reading Material First Sunday in February 2012- Super Bowl is a Registered Trademark Edition

Samuel L. Jackson should be in every movie.

It’s Sunday Morning. Sundays are for brushing the cats from your head and facing the day. Sundays are for making chili and preparing. Sundays are for feeding fans and watching commercials. Sundays are for StarCraft.

This week: a group of idiots decided to politicize anti cancer efforts. This week China and Russia used their UN Security Council Veto power to stop a resolution condemning the Syrian government for massacring Syrians. This week: US jobless rates continued to drop, thus alleviating some small parts of the recession. This week: Comcast isn’t playing nicely with my house (for some reason) and my internet has been spotty.

I use Google for everything. My phone number is provided by them. I’ve got a pair of phones that use their operating system. They created the browser that I use. I use them to pay my bills, and to let my friends know what I’m up to. I’ve been interested to see what they’ve done as they’ve “unified” their products and services- including their privacy policies- into a consistent experience. When Google rolled out it’s social network, they said that plus was more than just the social side of things, and I think users are just beginning to clue into what they have in mind.

When Komen decided to stop giving money to a certain primary health provider for low income women, it made women angry. Very angry. The way that anger was expressed was not, however, a loud rage. Instead, women (and many men) quietly, firmly, publicly, stopped contributing to Komen. The quiet seething made a lot more impact, I think, than screaming would have.

It’s not just women who aren’t allowed to be angry. African Americans are also socially forbidden. For example: Spike Lee is angry at Hollywood. Is he right to be angry? Is he wrong to be? This article doesn’t give the first hint about truth. Instead, it reports the fact of “an expletive-laced” “Tirade”. And that he’s upset about Hollywood’s ignorance of black people.

I am a writer. I am along way from being a “good” writer.

I sort of understand anti-abortion hysteria. After all, if I believed that the 50% of all pregnancies which end in miscarriage were the exact same thing as a case of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, I’d have strongly negative feelings about the deliberate termination of a pregnancy also. But I don’t believe those things. I cannot believe that a gestating proto-human ought to have the same moral rights as myself. I certainly don’t think that a proto-human has a greater claim to it’s potential life than a doctor performing life saving surgery has to their actual life. Yet here we are. With certain pro-doctor-murder organizations helping cause the death of caregivers.

Everyone knows that the stimulus needed to be bigger. Had the government gotten more money into more hands earlier in the financial crisis, people would have been able to pay more of their bills on time, and thus wouldn’t have had to cut back on spending, and therefore even more businesses wouldn’t have shut down. Duh. Frighteningly, it may be that the stimulus wasn’t bigger because there wasn’t enough to spend the money on. There seems to be an easy fix for next time. Every municipality in the country should draw up a list of things it wants- capital improvements that would help it in the long term. And then they should draw up detailed plans for those wants. When the next time the government goes casting about for “shovel ready” projects, ever part of the country will be prepared with a list.

We’re number 1, baby!

It is a very sick thing, this Confederate version of the Civil War. It tells us that Lincoln was pro slavery, and that the South was against slavery, but that the “War between the States” wasn’t over slavery at all! So let us be clear: The war was about slavery. The “right” that States were fighting for? That was the right of a white person to own a black person. What whitewashing this history does to us is rob us of the reminder that we need to be better people. Lincoln himself says that he would probably have embraced slavery were he to have grown up in the South. You would have too. What evils are we perpetuating as a society which individual action alone cannot solve? Which actions can take to end those evils together?

War may suck, but some warriors are just awesome.

I honestly don’t care that congress is split between a pair of parties which want to move in different directions as a nation. Debate about what is good, just, and moral are a part of what it means to be a sentient being. What frightens me is not that we have a political process which polarizes desired outcomes, but rather that we have one which polarizes factual inputs to the decision making process. If global warming is real, we ought to fix it. If it’s not, then no action is required. Is it real? Is it not real? That isn’t a political question. Except that it’s been turned into one. If congress truly has no staff to help it understand the objective implications of the technology policy they’re writing, America is fucked.

“But with the dawn of the feast of Christmas did a beacon of hope manifest itself upon the inky horizon. Riding in upon a teal Ford Focus came a great warrior, a suitor of the gentlefolks’ granddaughter. Word had spread through the kingdom that this warrior worked with computers and perhaps even knew the true nature of the Router.”

So the phrase “the greatest thing since sliced bread”? Turns out it’s an ironic reaction to overzealous marketing. Also revealed: what the greatest thing was before sliced bread. And now you know.

I have terrible handwriting. This has occasionally caused me embarrassment as I’ve had to re-ask someone for information which they had previous given me. For doctorsit can- and does- cost lives. I’m not sure how much it would cost for medication ordering to be as computerized as food ordering. I’m betting that it would cost less than the unnecessary deaths we’re getting from lack of it.

If you click just one link:

This may be the most beautiful thing you’ll ever read.

Today’s theme: Sorry about a lack of last week’s post. The week sort of… got away from me.

Um, what?


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