I’m ok, you’re ok, China is huge

China is big. Very big. To say that it has 1 billion people is to underestimate it’s true population by a value larger than the entire population of America. Not only is China a huge country, but its population has been immiserated for centuries. They’re finally digging their way out.

All of this means that America will not be Earth’s predominant nation for much longer. We Americans need to get used to this fact. We need to prepare for it, and shift our minds to encompass what it might mean to be #2, #3, or even #4. Our national identity needs to become far less wrapped up in being the best, and more about defining the good life.

What is the American dream? What is the American Identity? Is it really so important to have a huge standing Army (as distinct from a large and capable Navy?

China will eventually overtake America as the world’s preeminent nation; America will not necessarily become impoverished. The world is not zero sum. Much as the 20th century saw England falling from it’s perch into a comfortable lifestyle*. America can- must!- manage the same lofty descent.

Unless we can get China and India into a nuclear war. That would be good for America.

*I’d love to adjust these numbers by Gini Coefficient .


2 Responses to “I’m ok, you’re ok, China is huge”

  1. “Unless we can get China and India into a nuclear war. That would be good for America.” Methinks you should put sarcasm tags around this statement.

    Otherwise, well said.

  2. Yeah, even a limited nuclear exchange (between India and China or India and Pakistan) would be bad news for the global climate. But hey, nuclear winter would temporarily reverse global warming!

    The solution to our problems is always more thermonuclear war.

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