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Sunday Morning Reading Material Second Sunday in March 2012- Bamboo Turkey Edition

Bunnies and kitties. Je Suis l’internet!

It’s Sunday Morning. Sundays are for dada. Sundays are for resting. Sundays are for healing. Sundays are for Dim Sum. Sundays are for punchlines.

This week: I decided to ignore the news and get to the links.

Is the world too depressing? have some kittens.

“But I get the sense Santorum is speaking nothing but his completely unfiltered thoughts. I know it’s weird to say this about a politician, but I sort of wish he were lying to my face at least a little.”

Did Dr. Sues really say this? I don’t know. But I do love what it is saying.

Who a person’s enemies are says a lot about them. Perhaps more importantly is the lines along which they choose to attack their enemies. The brilliance here is that Tolkien is willing to tell Germany that The Great War was merely bygones, and that the contemporary unpleasantness is utterly transient. But racism? That’s unacceptable.

Republican economic nostrums are very bad for America. When the government spends money, it is possible to get positive return on investment. By removing that spending, we shrink the economy. And, of course, we return to the War of All Against All.

By breaking 300 million people into millions of 5,000 person pools, it’s impossible for Americans to get really good group deals on healthcare. And so we wildly overspend. Imagine how much healthier our economy would be if consumers had (say) 25% of their healthcare bills in their own banks, rather than in the insurance company’s banks.

Health Insurance is based on the idea that one person may or may not have a car accident, but that thousands of random people are unlikely to all at once. Once individuals are able to start stacking the odds in their favor, health insurance will start going away. Which, obviously, is why we need to have it be provided by the government.

The health insurance reform signed by Obama was only the first step. It was a needed step, because over half of all bankruptcies in America are because of medical issues. It is deeply immoral to force someone to choose between their cancer treatment or their children’s home. But that’s the system we have in America.

Kevin Drum is wrong. The best Star Wars movie is Attack of the Clones.

Remember: the war against healthcare-provided birth control is a front in the war against birth control. And the war against birth control is a front in the war against enjoyable sex. If you’ve ever had– or want to have– enjoyable sex, let your congressperson know that they need to stand with the President, and against the birth control opt out.

I’m guessing that most teachers- and parents- have engaged in sex– many of them have done it on camera. So I’m not at all clear to see why it should be a dismissable- or noteworthy– offense.

This sort of thing is why many choose instead to go it alone.

It sounds like crazy conspiracy mongering to suggest that the President has taken the power to kill Americans on no higher say-so than his own authority. The only checks on this authority are the ones that he himself decided to impose on himself. This is America. 2012.

When Americans were broke, we drove less. Now that we’re making more money, we’re driving more. This is causing gas prices to go back up. Gas prices may suck, but the alternative would be to… raise taxes to pay for a system of mass transit that would actually be useful. No right-thinking American would dare go along with such a plan.

Banks Behaving Badly.

By now, everyone knows that video games aren’t bad for people- and that saying so is simply the older generation’s way of bemoaning their own age. But a growing body of evidence suggests that gaming might be good for people. So I guess I’ll just play some more StarCraft.

StarCraft, actually, a large and growing esport, with a huge following. I like it. It’s like Football without the risk of concussion.

In 2012, America has a black president, and so therefore racism is over. Well. Kinda. Instead, we live in a society which doesn’t intentionally or formally create barriers between “races”, but rather has many informal and social ways of Otherizing non-white people. And when one of the leading StarCraft 2 teams discovered that one of their coaches was using the N-word… they had a choice. The reasons they made the choice they did are enlightening.

Scientific progress goes boink (warning: some technical jargon. But awesome)


And the cold war. Israel and Iran have been engaged in one for a very long time. Obama would like Israel to stop rattling its saber, and would like Iran to please stop working on nukes. Me? I just want us all to stop using oil.

Super bonus happy fun time video: the origin story of Keep Calm and Carry On. I wish we’d had this on 12 September 2001…

How awesome would it be if Iran and Israel only spoke to one another using this site?

As are we all, Luthor, as are we all: