Sunday Morning Reading Material Third Sunday in September 2012- Blaming Obama First Edition

Welcome to Sunday morning. Tomorrow I leave on a trip to tell someone they’re about to be my father in law. Anyone experience something similar? Any advice?

Remember how when Bewitched changed changed Darrens and no one noticed? Because, you know, all white people look the same. No wait. That didn’t happen.

So the internet discovered that Chris Kluwe is has more going for him than merely being able to use his legs to put a ball through a bit of steel. Specifically: dude can write. And think. (and play video games). Now me? I generally know why my congressperson votes the way she does. I’m so enamored of her that I sent her a box of cookies when she passed a universal healthcare bill. What about you? Have you called your congressperson and asked them why they think what they think? Why haven’t you?

Memory is like a whatcha callit? Which is, of course, why you should never trust anyone who says they “saw something with their own eyes”. Even if they mean it.

The internet was supposed to bring about a true democracy, in which all people would hold the same social …. *yawn* Sorry. Almost put myself to sleep. I’m not certain why people tend to gravitate to hierarchical methods of organization. I do think that people need to be humble, and demonstrate a willingness to be below the top of a hierarchy when it isn’t strictly necessary for a person to be at the top of one. If the decline of certain formal forms of address heralds such a change in attitude, it would be a very good sign indeed.

“Because I want to help you understand that being happy is a craft,” I said. “It’s not something that comes automatically.”

Sleep terrifies me. I’m not sure why, but the idea of voluntarily dying for 1/3 of my life is almost too horrifying to contemplate. Yet in that death of sleep, what dreams may or may not come must give us pause.

What keeps the Republican party going? Angry white guys. So what happens when the electorate becomes less white? Well, you stop them from voting. What happens when the white voters stop being angry? Maybe then the GOP starts getting angry about actual problems.

As you may know, there is a neo-nazi party in Greece that has had some electoral success. Proving that history repeats itself, people are saying the same thing about Golden Dawn as they said about the Nazis. Pretty sure that if things continue along this vein, Golden Dawn will start making noises about Macedonia.

When people thought about “gay” purely in terms of sex, it was significantly easier to dismiss gay people. Talking about it in terms of “lifestyle”, made being gay easy to dismiss as “perversion”. Maybe, one could argue, it wasn’t a choice to be gay, but that’s mere tragedy. Abstain. As the closet door was thrown open, and gay people started telling the world about their existence, it became evident that being gay was about more than lust- it also contained a large component of mutual love. In 2012, if Victoria Jackson has never seen a gay person’s significant other, that speaks more loudly about the relationship between Ms. Jackson and her friends than it does between the gay people in question.

Unlike Slactivist, I do believe in evolution. I “believe” in it because I have never seen it or done it. I have no direct, personal evidence for it. And so I can say that I “believe” in it. But. But I know people who claim to have done it. I know people who have seen it. Moreover, the people who make the cows, corn, and biochemicals that modern society depends on tell us that if it weren’t for evolution, they wouldn’t be able to bring us those contemporary marvels. So I can “believe” in evolution. Scientists, engineers, technicians, doctors, and teachers damned well better not. They had better know evolution as fact.

Paul Ryan is the modern Republican party. Paul Ryan wants to undo modern America.. Paul Ryan does not admit this. The only question remaining is this: is Paul Ryan lying to himself, or the rest of us?

Life is Amazing.

So. Workers weren’t forced to attend a pro-Romney event. But they were locked out of work on the day of the event, told by their managers that they had to attend the event, and everyone was docked a day’s pay because of the existence of that event. This is why unions exist. If I ever hear anyone saying that collective bargaining rights aren’t important, I’m going to refer them to this story and ask pointedly if it sounds like management and labor have equal power in the labor market.

Greatest heist of all time? Also: Everyone and no one is shocked that Quebec has a strategic maple syrup reserve.

Caveman vs Astronaut. The eternal fight. the astronaut wins every time. An Astronaut can do anything a cavedweller can do, but do it under 4gs of acceleration, while smuggling a sandwich.

Some day my beloved Sorako and I will have children. And on their walls, we will paint this.

Fun fact: every cartoon in the New Yorker can have its caption replaced with the words “Christ, what an asshole”.

Everything you wanted to know about monetary policy but were afraid would never be put in animated gif format.

Once upon a time, I grew up with all the advantages of being a middle class suburban white kid. We had just enough that I never wanted for anything, but not quite so much that didn’t know people with more. I watched TV and saw only families like mine. I read history books and learned about Martin Luther King Jr, and so I thought we’d defeated racism. Hell! Growing up in the Bay Area lead me to literally believe that humanity had defeated inclement weather- I learned about blizzards and Valley Forge at the same time. So I grew up thinking that my experience was universal. Learning that I was privileged was a major factor in my becoming liberal. The choice, in my mind, was not if I was willing to give stuff up for other people, but rather how society could be reordered so that everyone has the same security that I grew up with.

So: a horror story: every government build along the lines of America’s government has collapsed into dictatorship. The solution seems to be getting rid of the office of the Presidency.

If you click just one link:

The rich are revolting. Cheap pun, I know. But they’re also turning on us; sapping our vital resources while destroying the commonweal.


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